Monday, June 17, 2013

Weekend Roundup

That's right friends, it is OK that it's Monday. We are kicking off yet another week and you might as well just be happy with it. :)
Let's re-cap the weekends events shall we. Miss B and I spent more time at the grocery this weekend than I think we both cared to. On a positive note though we are stocked up and have lots of yummy things to eat. Our Friday evening was spent at the grocery and then I ordered some sushi for us from Tokyo Grill. I absolutely love this place!! They are always running some sort of delicious special and there are always coupons in the local East Memphis flyer. I settled in for a nice house salad, dynamite roll, and spicy crawfish roll. It was all so delicious and a nice reward for fighting the grocery after work on a Friday. I would've much rather sat on my patio and had a few cocktails. That's just me though.
Saturday Miss B went over to my dads house for the night. She was in for 2 big surprises. She was going to the pet store to get her first gerbil and also my step mom took her for a manicure and a pedicure. I swear, sometimes that child lives way better than I ever did. After I dropped her off I went running on the Wolf River Greenway Trail. I got a nice glimpse of a snake slithering on the running trail too. I freaked out and ran super fast!! Nothing like a snake sighting to jump start your run. After that I was out for a date all evening. We went to Next Door in Cooper Young. It was a nice outing for the evening.
Sunday Miss B was all about watching her new furry friend. Anytime we left the house which was not very much we had to leave the TV on for him. She is such a good pet owner 2 days in, we can only hope it will continue. She is extremely attentive to him, anything she thinks he may need she is already asking for it. Such a sweet, sweet girl.
What did you do this weekend? Anything fun and exciting? 


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