Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Memphis International Airport: Not the Monopoly It Once Was?

Many of you may already be aware of the change that is taking place at our major airport. However, for those of you that are not, Delta Airlines will be exiting Memphis International Airport as their local hub. Unfortunately, this will mean 230 jobs to be cut once they completely vacate the hub they now secure. The light at the end of the tunnel and what most Memphians are hoping for is cheaper airfare. Delta has been charging higher flights and cutting destinations for years now. They will reduce the number of flights from 90 to around 60 in September of this year.
Delta was asked why they are de-hubbing their Memphis location and they stated that Memphis was an unprofitable location for a hub operation. My thoughts on that are they are absolutely right - especially when they are cutting flights and charging an arm and a leg for ticket prices.
In the meantime, starting in November Southwest Airlines will officially take over AirTran and also offer two new locations for non-stop flights. Many Memphians are rejoicing over finally seeing Southwest come to town. Many frequent flyer's drive to Nashville or Little Rock to save on ticket prices flying out of Memphis. It just makes sense that people want to save and now with the welcomed addition of Southwest we have more options. The non stop flights will travel to: Chicago, Houston, Tampa, Orlando, Atlanta, and Baltimore/Washington.
I for one will hopefully be taking full advantage of the non stop flight to Orlando in the Spring of 2014. We are keeping our fingers crossed in our household for a spring break trip to Orlando (i.e. Disney!!!!!!) If all the ducks fall into place we will gladly be hopping on a plane to ride non-stop to Orlando for out flight. All thanks to AirTran/Southwest mind you.
What do you think about Delta leaving and the new additional non-stop flights that Southwest will now offer? Will this be beneficial to you?


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