Monday, September 30, 2013

Confession Monday

So I've decided to start this Confession Monday thing just to be able to get some things off my chest no matter how serious or silly they are. So let's get to it!

Today's confession is I am completely obsessed with the new Britney Spears' song "Werk Bitch." It's an awful song but I love the beat and it just gets me pumped up. I'm going to run to it on Wednesday as long as it doesn't rain and see just how hyped up it gets me.

You can listen there if you're looking for a new tune. I'm constantly looking for good work out songs and I think this song fits the bill.

What's your confession for this dreary Monday?

Monday, September 23, 2013

A Slight Blogging Hiatus

Sorry friends for the lack of posts here lately, I've been down and out for the past week. I had a mean and nasty kidney infection that basically rendered me completely useless for the majority of last week. Thank goodness that is over now though and I can get back to everything I have neglected.

Have you ever noticed when you are sick the house just begins to look atrocious? I spent the majority of my Friday afternoon and evening cleaning like a mad woman. It was also an added treat that we had a wee little storm roll through and the power went on and off for over 2 hours. Grrrrr is all I have to say about that!!

We got a few projects I had been putting off accomplished though and I felt pretty good about my progress.....all in a day's work.

Saturday was also a great day - R and I got together with friends and watched some football. That's basically what we did Sunday too. :)

This week I'm hoping for a smooth week and getting more and more tasks checked off my list. I managed to get some much needed grocery shopping done this week so maybe I'll post a recipe or two off of this week's menu. I completely forgot to put something out for tonight though, oops!!

Today I'm eagerly awaiting to get off work and go home and watch the series finale of Dexter!

I would love to post an image here or a link to the show but I have to not google at all until I watch the show. I hate when people ruin shows so I know the minute I google, the headline will tell me all I need to know. Basically making it pointless to watch the show. I am sad it's over though.

What did you do this weekend?

Monday, September 9, 2013

50 Short Days Later.....

My love gets to stay here and we don't have to experience the toll of a long distance relationship for a year or more.

It was a beyond stressful week last week as both R and I prepared to say goodbye. Before we started dating, as a matter of fact the first night we started talking, R was extremely up front with me and told me that he had taken a job to travel the country for a year working. It was a decision he had made and something he felt like he needed to do so I needed to be on board with that going in if we grew into anything serious.

Fast forward to last week and the looming departure date of a man I've grown to love so much and cherish the time we spend together and I'm sure you could guess I was a wreck inside. I did extremely well keeping it together and being a rock for R though, I felt like it was my duty and he had enough on his plate to worry about.

Tuesday came with news of a potential job and he had to be there on Monday. That means I had just a few days to spend with someone I can't even begin to imagine my life without. The stress that R was going through was tough for me to handle. It built more and more as the night went on. I quickly realized and so did his family members that maybe this was not the right move for him to make. R started to second guess leaving too after so many uncertainties with the company and dropped promises. So we sprung into action reading contracts and exploring all possible options for R to stay here and not have to travel. Needless to say R didn't sleep too well Tuesday night.

Wednesday I was a ball of nerves as R had made the decision to stay but had to let the traveling company know that he was no longer interested in the position. We didn't know if they would things difficult for him to exit the company. Thankfully, everything seemed to go ok and now he is here to stay.

We both think it worked out for the best and there for a few days I still thought he was going to be taken away from me. I guess I didn't finally settle in to him actually staying until Friday.

I am so happy to have him here with me though. We would have made the travel thing work but we all know it would have been crazy difficult. I'm glad that's an option we no longer have to worry about. I've grown so close to him and his family I just love being around them all. Miss B seems to like him very much as well which is extremely important to me.

So this happy girl is taking on this week with a smile.......Happy Monday Friends!!!