Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Can the Grizz Do it Again?

Anyone that remotely knows me knows that I am an avid sports watcher, especially when it comes to the Grizzlies, Saints, and LSU. Those are my go to teams and I am rather loyal. I went to numerous Grizzlies playoff games this year and openly admit once they lost I haven't watched one ounce of basketball since.
So yesterday when the Grizzlies announced the new coach's name I tuned in rather intrigued. We had been interviewing several candidates including: George Karl (Denver Nuggets), Ed Pinckney (Chicago Bulls), Alvin Gentry (Los Angeles Clippers), and finally Dave Joerger (Memphis Grizzlies). The Grizzlies management team decided to pick Dave Joerger and keep the coaching staff in the family. It also doesn't hurt that Dave Joerger is more than happy to play ball with the new changes that the management have in mind. Lionel Hollins was not down to play the statistical and analytical game of basketball with the new ownership. This was ultimately his demise.
Joerger has quite a season to live up to if you recall the hometown team made it to the Western Conference finals this past year. It was also the most wins in one season in franchise history. Many records were broken and we hope to continue that trend in the 2014-2015 season.
So without further ado I give a big Memphis welcome and shout out to the new Grizzlies head coach and former assistant coach Dave Joerger. Dave let's go out there and bring home a finals trophy next year!!
Goooooooo Grizz!!!!!!  


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