Thursday, June 6, 2013

Facebook has turned me into a Stalker!

Yep I said it and millions of others were thinking it. Just admit it! I'd like to openly admit the top 5 ways that Facebook has turned me into a stalker for no apparent reason and in no certain order.
1. You can stalk all day long and none of the people you are stalking are the wiser. (Until you hit like on a photo from 2005. Oops!)
2. When you message or start a chat with someone you can see when they read it. (I know you saw what I wrote and just didn't even answer!!)
3. When you group chat you can pinpoint the location of your group chat mates. (Scary right?)
4. You can easily lose yourself in pages upon pages of stalking your friends friends. (Or people you don't even know.)
5. If your friend writes, comments, or likes anything on another persons page, that information is all readily available on your handy dandy news feed. (Thanks Facebook! I didn't even have to stalk for that info!)
So on this fabulous Thursday I invite you all to get out there and stalk your friends. That's what Facebook is for right? It sure seems that way!


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