Tuesday, April 1, 2014

What a Difference a Year Can Make.....

This week marks a year since R and I went on our first date. I remember us both being pretty nervous that neither one of us were truly ourselves.

I met R through a mutual friend back in February of last year but it was short and sweet. I met him and then he was gone 30 minutes later. In our wonderful world of social media he tracked me down through our mutual friend and sent me a friend request on Facebook. A few short weeks later I was asked out on our first date.

R was pretty fancy for our first date he took me to Houston's in east Memphis. It was absolutely delicious might I add. We enjoyed some conversation and definitely some laughs and then after dinner I was returned home and we said we would get together again. It was a nice and sweet first date but I could tell we were both nervous and both holding back our true personalities. I mean who goes all in on the first date anyway right?

It's always funny about first dates no matter how terrible or good they are you are in a state of limbo if they are going to take off and it blossom into something meaningful. Obviously my story leads to the latter.

Consecutive weeks led to consecutive dates and then they just stopped. We took a two month hiatus from our courtship and went separate ways until one night when R was at the beach he decided to randomly text me.

I wish I would have been on candid camera when that text came through. I was a little surprised, happy, and curious as to why I hadn't heard from this man for two months. In any event we agreed to get together for a date later in the week.

I can say we have pretty much been inseparable since and for the most part a united front. I am so grateful for R and thank my prayers everyday for him. B says at weird moments "you have to kiss a lot of frogs to get a prince mom." I would have to agree with her and I think we are both thankful for our prince.

So a year later after our first date here we are still together and still happy. There is hope out there friends and finding your lobster is a real thing. :)


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