Thursday, June 27, 2013

SYTYCD Wednesday Recap

As my favorite show has returned for the summer season I can now officially don Wednesday's SYTYCD re-cap days. Each Wednesday I'll be blogging here my thoughts and critiques for the season 10 performances. This week was the first real week of live competition. It was obvious to me who the standout's are and those who will be easily left behind unless they kick up their game.
As each couple were announced I noticed that I had forgotten some of these kids already, obviously they did not leave a lasting impression on me. I also have already picked out my favorite guy and girl back two weeks ago when the 33 dancers made it through to the green mile. Of course my favorite guy and girl made it through, I'm usually pretty good at picking the ones that will make it on the show.
So let's start re-capping already!!!! The first live competition show opened up with a NappyTabs hip hop routine for the top 20 with some awesome cameos from the judges and choreographers. I loved this behind the scenes routine and thought it was done really well. Take a look below and see if you agree.
The couples performances were quite good this week. I thoroughly enjoyed Amy and Fik-Shun who closed the show with a Sonya Tayeh routine. I was impressed with Fik-Shun's dedication to contemporary when he is a street dancer. While Sonya was light with the choreography for Fik-Shun I feel like he still tried to commit and really go for the performance. Amy as always was flawless and as expected to be because this is her style of dance. My favorite quote of the entire night was after this performance and Wayne Brady said: "Fik-Shun whenever I want people to take my seriously I also take off my clothes and dance with a white girl." I died laughing.
My favorite performance of the night though was a Travis Wall routine performed by Malece and Jade. It was a jazz routine and I think it was wonderful. Once again, the choreographer's curtailed the dance towards Malece's strong points and to make Jade look good as well. It was extremely well performed and I enjoyed it immensely.
Now onto the dancer's I think that will be in the bottom. It's not that they aren't good dancers I just feel as though they are forgettable and did not dance well their first night out.
Nico and Alexis I think will both be in the bottom and Alexis may be the first girl to go home. I know that hip hop is not either of their styles but this performance looks like they just gave up. It was not a good performance and they looked like kids trying to be cool.
I also did not care for this Tyce Diorio piece. I think one of these two will be in the bottom if not both of them. I think Tucker is an amazing dancer but he is forgettable, I had completely forgotten he made the top 20 until I saw his face. Something about me doesn't quite like Jeanna. I think behind the scenes she may be a bit of a prissy and cocky. She strikes me as that type of person.
I can't find the last video but whoever did the jive was a little all over the place too. It was rough to watch.
We shall find out next Tuesday who goes home first!!


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