Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Wednesday Deal of the Week!!

Click TenMarks a Amazon Company is offering up an amazing deal right now for all those parents and students who want to get ahead this summer or continue learning. This math program is offered for kids 1st grade through high school and the cost is normally $39.95 per child. Right now they are offering this program completely FREE!!!! You better hurry and sign up - you can also add a child for free.
Once signed up the site gives your child a unique user id and password to log on and take an assessment. The assessment is 20 questions and it let's your child know their score at the end. TenMarks then creates a curriculum for your child based on their assessment. You can also create rewards for your child as incentives to complete X number of assignments however many you delegate.
B completed her assessment last night and even wanted to play a flash card type game after she completed the assessment. I set her goal at completing 15 assignments with a score of 70% or higher for a reward of ice cream.
What a great tool to keep your child learning and growing over the summer!!
Fill out a short registration page and your child's information.
Check your email to complete your registration.
Log your child on to take the assessment.


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