Monday, September 23, 2013

A Slight Blogging Hiatus

Sorry friends for the lack of posts here lately, I've been down and out for the past week. I had a mean and nasty kidney infection that basically rendered me completely useless for the majority of last week. Thank goodness that is over now though and I can get back to everything I have neglected.

Have you ever noticed when you are sick the house just begins to look atrocious? I spent the majority of my Friday afternoon and evening cleaning like a mad woman. It was also an added treat that we had a wee little storm roll through and the power went on and off for over 2 hours. Grrrrr is all I have to say about that!!

We got a few projects I had been putting off accomplished though and I felt pretty good about my progress.....all in a day's work.

Saturday was also a great day - R and I got together with friends and watched some football. That's basically what we did Sunday too. :)

This week I'm hoping for a smooth week and getting more and more tasks checked off my list. I managed to get some much needed grocery shopping done this week so maybe I'll post a recipe or two off of this week's menu. I completely forgot to put something out for tonight though, oops!!

Today I'm eagerly awaiting to get off work and go home and watch the series finale of Dexter!

I would love to post an image here or a link to the show but I have to not google at all until I watch the show. I hate when people ruin shows so I know the minute I google, the headline will tell me all I need to know. Basically making it pointless to watch the show. I am sad it's over though.

What did you do this weekend?


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