Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Just Call Me Accomplished

I know it's only Tuesday but I have accomplished almost all of my weekly to-do's this week. It feels fabulous!!

Yesterday we went and registered for dance classes. Miss B had taken dance for the past 2 seasons at her school. While we enjoyed the program immensely and think it was a great starter program, we are moving more towards a studio environment and competitive dancing. I have quite the performer on my hands and when she expresses interest in something that she clearly enjoys it motivates me to step her interests up. Therefore, we will be taking jazz, tap, and ballet at Studio 413 this year in Collierville. Judging by the long line at registration we think we have picked a great dance home. Miss B will jump from a 45 minute class that she has been used to the past two years to a more intense 2 hours and 15 minutes. I hope she enjoys it and advances more and more in her craft. We're pretty excited about it!!!

I also managed to take the hem out of Miss B's school jumper last night as well. This has been a task that I've put off for weeks now!! With school starting on Monday though time is definitely not on our side. I went ahead and took the hem out so she can hopefully get one more year out of the jumper before we have to let it go.

Today we went to Miss B's school and got her registered for the year. We picked up a used jumper at the used uniform sale so now we have 3 and I'm hoping to gain one more in the coming weeks so we will have a full weeks worth of school clothes. It's hard to build up a school wardrobe, it's definitely on my to-do list this year! Miss B loved going to school and finding out who's class she was in and who was in class with her. Luckily she has some of her really good friends in class with her this year. Her bestie is back in class with her again. :)

Tomorrow leaves parent orientation where I can clear up some final school supplies questions and actually meet the teacher as well. Then after that we are off to the races ready to start another exciting school year. My baby is starting the 1st grade ahhhhhh!!!!!


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