Wednesday, August 28, 2013

What Football Has Taught Me About Myself.....

It is absolutely no secret at all that I am a football fanatic when fall rolls around. It is by far the highlight of my fall and I get crazy excited every August as the football trash talk starts coming out as well as everyone just hyped up for the thrill of tailgating and watching their team go back to business.
It is also no secret that I love college football over NFL. I love my Saints don't get me wrong but I love my LSU Tigers even more! There's just something about all the tradition and amazing fans that I love dearly. Not to mention you get to watch future hall of famers before they get big.
So I thought I'd add a little list to all the football talk and say what football has taught me about myself......hold on for the ride folks there may be a few laughs involved as well.
Football has taught me.....
  1. How to be a raging lunatic and total asshole to opposing teams....especially Alabama.
  2. That it's ok to crack open a beer at 10:00AM because your team plays at 11am on a Saturday, no shame at all.....don't judge me!
  3. How to brain wash your kid into liking your school and all the football teams....even if she wants to have a choice, she has none!!
  4. That spending asinine amounts of money to watch your team is totally normal.....especially when it involves traveling to a national championship or the first game of the season.
  5. How to color coordinate every outfit I have during the fall to somehow reflect my school colors of purple and gold......try me I always have purple on Friday and Saturday. Sunday is reserved for Black and Gold.
  6. How to make lasting and bonding friendships of heckling the living shit out of opposing team....nothing brings people together faster than making fun of the opposing team.
  7. That screaming so loud during a game and not having a voice for the next 2 days is perfectly normal and completely forgetting to act like a lady is too.....if you don't have a voice you aren't doing it right.
  8. There's only room for one LSU fan in a relationship......I've dated LSU fans and I much prefer to be the only one.....I also prefer to not date SEC fans. In fact we will do better if you have no college football team at all. I cannot share the TV during college football season, sorry.
  9. Getting into Facebook battles with your friends is totally normal.....especially when your team is the best and let's face it they always are.
  10. How to judge someone's driving based on the team they are affiliated with.....Alabama and Ole Miss drivers are pretty damn bad!
So there's my Top 10, what's yours? Oh and......


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