Wednesday, July 31, 2013

SYTYCD Top 14 Re-Cap

Last night the Top 14 dancers took the stage with some amazing performances. I thoroughly enjoyed the Top 14 group number choreographed by Sonya Tayeh and Dmitry Chaplin. I knew the minute I saw it that a ballroom choreographer was involved. I absolutely loved the collaboration between two different genre's of dance.

Moving on to the competition - after the bottom 6 results were revealed we all knew that: Alexis, Mackenzie, and Jasmine were in danger for the girls. Nico, Curtis, and Alan were in danger for the boys. Curtis was injured so he did not compete last night. Alan, Curtis, Alexis, and Mackenzie were all in the bottom last week too. It's never good when you are consecutively in the bottom week after week. It raises your chances of going home tremendously.

The performances that I most enjoyed last night are as follows in no particular order:

 Alexis and Nico - I absolutely loved this piece and thought it was so beautiful

I also loved Mackenzie and Paul's jazz number I thought it was very sexy and seductive. That's just how I like my jazz danced. :)

My last favorite number of the night was Malece and Alan. I absolutely loved their salsa, it was filled with all kinds of tricks and body pumping moves. I gasped a few times throughout the number.

My favorite group number of the night was the bullying piece. I was so excited to see such a national issue being raised on a dance show and being portrayed through the art of dance. Bullying is such a huge issue in today's youth and I think this piece was a great outlet to get the word out to an even bigger audience.

I also want to give a shout out to Anna Kendrick. I have hated most of the guest stars all season because they are not informed about dance and in my opinion are not qualified to judge the contestants. With that being said, Anna was really honest and seemed to know her stuff when it came to judging the contestants. I commend her for speaking her mind and sounding intelligent. She was also hilarious too. :)

So who do I think will be in the bottom next week? Most likely......Tucker, Jenna, Jasmine, Alan, Paul, and Mackenzie. I know the judges are in love with Mackenzie but if she is in the bottom for a third straight week I think the judges need to let her go. I think Alan will likely go home from the boys side.

What were your thoughts on last nights performance??


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