Monday, July 29, 2013

A Weekend for the Books

This past weekend was one of the best I've had in a great long while. Mainly because it was my birthday weekend and I was surrounded and showered with love by all my friends and family. There is nothing better than having everyone you love hang out and spend time with you. It's not too shabby when they give you presents either, let me just tell ya! :)
Thursday was my official birthday and my work friends got me a beautiful cake that we devoured and we also spent some time with my mom that evening where she showered me with tons of presents. Thanks Mom!! We also went out to dinner that evening at my favorite local Cajun/seafood restaurant The Half Shell. If you haven't been you need to go and check it out, it's really really good. I had the catfish Pauline and it was divine!!! So yummy and fresh.
Friday was a workday but I'm not sure how productive it was. I was in much anticipation for my party that evening so I had delicious food, drinks, and good times on my mind the entire day. So after a full day of work I headed home to put my party dress on and head out for some good times with my fabulous friends. I decided to celebrate my birthday and my most favorite Memphis hangout ever. If anyone knows me then you know I am only talking about Mollie Fontaine's in the medical district. This place is absolutely filled with that old Victorian, rich, and luxurious feel. It also has a midtown edge to it as well. They also boast some of the best food in Memphis as well. Their truffle fries are absolutely to die for and their mac and cheese is delicious as well. Really you can't go wrong with anything you get there. Most of their dishes are small plates so you can easily order a few different things and then just share. I figured I'd share a few pics from the night. We had an absolute blast and I'd do it again every weekend, just maybe not as many shots. :)
I wore a hot pink chiffon one shoulder number for the night and paired it with my gold sparkly heels. I also accessorized with a gold bangle. :) The dress I grabbed on a steal from Macy's it was only $15 but was retailed for $98.

Saturday was a major day of rest and taking it extremely easy. To say I was hungover would be a huge understatement. I believe most of my friends were in the same misery I was. We aren't 21 anymore kids, that's for sure!!!
I finally started feeling better around 3:30pm. Yes you read that right, 3:30pm. I put the first food in my stomach around then and I felt fine after that. Hey it was my birthday!! Let me live people!! I stayed in with Miss B Saturday night and we had a girls night. We watched Disney channel and hung out in the living room for the most part.
Sunday I geared it back up though and we were off to the races again. My best friends husband had a big get together in Mississippi for his birthday on Sunday. A major 2-lane slide was rented for the event and there were plenty of people out to celebrate with him. It was so much fun and after a minor drama fest at the top of the slide Miss B had a fun time too.

All in all I think it was a great and fun weekend. I want to thank all of my loved ones for coming out and celebrating with me this past week and weekend. It is now back to the real world and getting geared up for Back to School business. It has really crept up on us but we are going to try and be as prepared as possible in these next three weeks.


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