Monday, May 6, 2013

My Lover and I

Oh surely you didn't think I was talking about a man now did you? My lover happens to be my city, Memphis.

I knew I loved my city but I never knew I was in love with it until this weekend when I really got to get out in the mass crowds and experience a playoff game and a music festival. People from all walks of life just out and about to have a grand time with my lover Memphis. If you want to fall in love with Memphis definitely get out and about during the Spring, it will suck you in and live forever in your heart easily. Any given weekend you can fill up your days by the amount of things we have going on.

Friday night led me to see our local NBA team the Memphis Grizzlies in game 6 of the first round playoffs against the LA Clippers. It was amazingly awesome and so much fun! The atmosphere was electric and everyone was on their feet cheering on the hometown team to victory. The men around me were constantly checking their sports apps to find out who the Grizz would take on in round 2. This morning I anxiously awaited as ticket sales opened up for game 3 and 4 here in Memphis. I snagged game 3 and my friend snagged game 4 so this girl is set for the second round playoff games. High five!!! Oh we're taking on Kevin Durant and the Oklahoma City Thunder if you care to know. It's ok they are totally going down. :)

Saturday led me to the Beale Street Music Festival in Tom Lee Park. This was honestly my first time going in 8 or 9 years but I am so glad I did. My favorite band The Black Keys took the stage and absolutely rocked it! I swear I would totally quit my job and follow them around the country. They are so awesome. I also got to check out a little bit of ZZ Top and The Roots before we finally called it quits for the night. All in all great great fun and I will totally be back again next year!


Sunday was a big day of rest for me, my entire body was sore and tired from going so hard all weekend. Now it's back to the real world for a few days. My city and I are taking a slight break so both of us can fully recover. :)

Not to shabby for my first post back now is it :) What did everyone else do this weekend?


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