Thursday, March 14, 2013

First New Post Yay!!

Hello friends and family - 

I've been on quite the blogging hiatus in the past few months and let's face it I've started and stopped more than a few pages as well. I don't think I've blogged in over 6 months, yikes!! After much consideration and many people telling me to get back to it, I've decided it's time to make my effervescent return. I realized over the past couple of blogs that I was trying to entertain a certain audience and capture certain people's interest; all the while completely forgetting why I love to blog and that while the whole world can read this it also has to be about me and what I love. 

So what will I talk about on a day to day basis this time around? Well of course my crazy life!! I always have some story or wildness going on between me and my little wild woman in training. I'll also be updating the amazing things going on around town and new and upcoming opportunities for my wonderful city I've come to love so much!! I always hate hearing people who down on their city or town. Clearly, if you go looking for things to do you will enjoy life so much more! That is what I have come to find out about my city, there is so much going on here in one of the Top 25 cities in the nation (oh yeah!!!). 

I'll also include my amazing fashion finds I come across every once in a while. I know a few key tricks to keeping money in pocket and looking fabulous all at the same time. Every once in a while I become quite crafty too so I'll post that as well. 

Let's just all agree right now that this will be a hodge podge of amazing-ness, OK friends?

I hope you all enjoy my posts and be sure to follow me and comment when you feel like you have something to share.....are we all ready? Let's go!!!!

~ S


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